Camel Park

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Schedule: Everyday 10h – 17h

Prices: (Children 0-3: free) (Children 4-11: 50%)

Farm Visit only: 5€

20 min Safari: 15€

30 min Safari: 20€ (including drink)

50 min Safari: 25€ (including drink & nuts)

50 min Safari: 40€ (including 3 course meal & drinks)

Camel Park was the first camel breeding center in Tenerife.

We started operations in 1988 with 15 camels on a banana farm located in Guaza and by 1993 we had managed to gather more than 60 animals.

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At that time, Camel Safaris took place on the mountain cliffs from Guaza to Palmar, and people were received back at the park with a Canarian meal and plenty of sangria to spare.

In 1995 we bought a typical Canarian finca, situated between la Camella and Chayofa, and since then we offer our customers a welcoming environment, in touch with nature and in the company of farm animals.

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The Canary Islands, are a few miles from the West African coast of Western Sahara, have, in some parts, a climate and vegetation suitable for Camels.

Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and the southern part of Gran Canaria and Tenerife are desert climate zones, in which only Camels and the Ass have been used without major adjustment problems.

Due to these reasons, shortly after the conquest of the islands by the Spanish, the first camels began to arrive.

Its main use has been tilling the land and carrying loads and people, until a few years ago when the introduction of mechanical means has made this animal obsolete.

Only in recent years, thanks to tourism,the Camel has found once again a new way of life and appears on the landscape of the Tenerife.



Surrounded by a vast garden with pergolas, you can eat both inside and outside, accompanied by soft background “chill out” music.

It offers a cuisine with imagination and an extensive selection of wines, both of the islands and the mainland.

Apart from the menu, you can order cheeses, sausages and tapas.

The desserts are homemade and we serve a selection of coffees, drinks, teas and infusions.

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