Pirámides de Güímar


The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güímar was founded in 1998 by the renowned Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl, who was responsible for safeguarding the pyramids from an urban plan, creating the Ethnographic Park to ensure its study and conservation. Throughout its more than 64.000m2 you can discover the pyramid complex, a museum, an auditorium, several outdoor routes, large garden areas and much more.


The existence of the Güímar step pyramids first came to wide public notice in the early 1990’s. The information reached the anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl. Heyerdahl, who dedicated much of his life to researching the cultural origins of ancient civilisations throughout the world, carefully studied the Güímar pyramids. The similarity of these structures to those in Sicily, Mexico, Mesopotamia, Polynesia and Peru induced Heyerdahl to settle in Tenerife to study the structures in situ.


The Ethnographic Park has one of the largest photographic collections of pyramids and step structures of the world, displayed in two rooms of the Casa Chacona Museum and the central patio of the same building. The purpose of this collection is to show the many locations around the planet where there are pyramids and step structures, such as Giza (Egypt) or Tikal (Guatemala).


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Closed: 25th December and the 1st January

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