Whale Express

We know exactly where to find whales and dolphins.

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Schedule & Price:

(children 5-12)


Adult 1hr: 18€ – 15% = 15,00€

Child 1hr: 12€  – 15% = 10,00€


Adult 2hrs: 25€ – 15% = 21,00€

(incl. Turtle Bay Snorkeling & refreshment)

Child 2hrs: 18€ – 15% = 15,00€

(incl. Turtle Bay Snorkeling & refreshment)

Let an experienced captain show you why Tenerife is the best place for watching tropical pilot whales and Bottlenose Dolphins, together with other migrant species such as fin whales, sperm whales, killer whales, beaked whales, common dolphins and spotted dolphins.

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With a 200hp motor we arrive much faster than the other boats and stay much longer observing whales and dolphins in their own surroundings.

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Once the captain has located the cetaceans, he approaches slowly and carefully so as not to disturb them.

With a maximum of 11 passengers, Whale Express guarantee’s a more personalized experience.

So if you are looking for professionalism, safety and an experience that will stay with you forever BOOK NOW!

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Ticket typeAdult 1hr, Adult 2hr, Child 1hr, Child 2hr

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